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Italia Technology Alliance s.r.l. is a holding that exercise management, coordination and control activities for a number of leading companies in the field of solutions dedicated to the production of tissue, paper and cardboard and nonwoven fabric.

The holding’s activities are based on a simple concept: technological excellence in the sign of Made in Italy.

Italia Technology Alliance S.r.l. has always stood out for its international reach and, for this reason, it boasts a structure with Worldwide coverage and direct presence in the Americas and in the Middle and Far East.

“A can-do ethic, social accountability, sustainability, research, innovation, customization, design, identity, cooperation: these are the values at the heart of Italia Technology Alliance growth strategies”


Italia Technology Alliance S.r.l. is a dynamic group, strongly rooted in its territory but with a look towards the future, which bases its business on a growth-focused investment strategy, on an in-depth knowledge of markets and business sectors of competence and on a steady commitment to innovation and development.


The governance of Italia Technology Alliance S.r.l. combines the presence of a strategic industrial holding with the autonomy and accountability of the operating companies. The Italia Technology Alliance S.r.l. Leadership Team is made up of professionals in charge of managing the activities of the parent company.


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